Creating Meaningful & Sustainable Community

Building something

bigger than myself.

👋🏼 Hey I'm Austin - welcome to my corner of the internet.

For the last 4 years, I've felt drawn to activating creativity in people's lives. Bringing to the surface things that they never thought they had within them. Encouraging people to pursue the path less traveled in search of treasure far greater than they thought was possible. Advocating for depth in conversations surrounding purpose and passion.

Learn more about my roots and creative history here.

You might also be here trying to figure out what "Silo" is or why I'm standing in front of 50-100 (!!!) people from time to time. Simply put, it's a community of beautiful creative humans who come together and make a safe space to freely practice and grow talents and creative endeavors.

I help facilitate events, implement social strategies, and connect with community members regularly :)

Creating is an expression & extension of who I am - how can I help bring your visions to reality?

Conversations w/ Creatives

I regularly sit down with friends & local creative professionals to talk about the state of creativity

My Process


Fill out the contact form

This is your opportunity to share more about yourself, your vision, expectations, and overall thoughts for your shoot/occasion.

At the same time, it's totally okay to come into this not having all the answers.


Follow up

Here's where things get REAL.

We work on the specifics on how to turn your thoughts into reality

From date to location, all the important details are discussed and solidified.


Shoot day

All our planning and prep pays off with no stress! Enjoying the time we get to spend together making ART.

The day runs smoothly and we leave feeling relieved knowing that we got all the photo/footage we wanted and it looks FANTASTIC!


Delivery Day

Possibly the best day of either of our lives, you'll have your photos within 2 weeks of the shoot date. Any video project delivery will be within the outlined timeline discussed in our contract.

Pumped to see our work shared with the world!

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.

— Robert Frank